Pregnant through the holidays? How to stay happy and healthy!

The holidays are here and with this season comes a lot of stress and overscheduling. Here are our tips for a happy, healthy holiday while you are expecting:

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  1. Stay hydrated!  It’s easy to skimp on your water intake while running all the holiday errands or while traveling to visit family.  It can be tempting to drink less water to avoid frequent bathroom trips, but this can catch up to you and cause uterine irritability.  Map out the bathrooms along your planned path of holiday travel and drink up! You will feel so much better when you are hydrating adequately!
  2. Cut yourself some slack! So maybe your decorations don’t have to be Pinterest worthy this year.  Maybe someone can help with the holiday cooking.  Summon the zen of online ordering or buying gift cards for everyone in lieu of going to 17 different stores.  Call in the troops to help with holiday commitments or just say no!  Surges of stress hormones can lead to headaches and compromise your immunity making you more susceptible to the cold that your Uncle Ed came to dinner with.  Make things easy on yourself for the sake of your health!
  3. Find time to exercise! Get out and go for a nice walk.  Have a dance party in your living room.  Find ways to MOVE that get your heart rate up and keep your hips and pelvis mobile.  Finding time to exercise, especially if you are indulging in holiday treats, will help to keep your blood sugar stable.  Spikes and drops in blood sugar will have you feeling like the GRINCH, so find ways to incorporate healthy movement into your holiday plans.
  4. Prop your feet up! Traveling by car or plane, or even just a long day of shopping can cause your feet and hands to swell more than usual.  Along with drinking plenty of water, take a moment to sit and elevate your feet.  This is a great reason to call in that foot massage!  If you are traveling, try to make several stops where you can get out and stretch your legs so you aren’t sitting in one position for prolonged periods of time.  If you are drinking your water, you will need to stop for the bathroom anyway.  If swelling persists or is accompanied by headache and/or visual disturbances, be sure to call and let us know.
  5. Pace yourself with holiday treats. Overeating is a reigning theme for the holidays, but to avoid being up all night with miserable nausea or heartburn, be mindful of what you are eating.  Foods that are fried or that contain a lot of sugar can leave your digestive system feeling stressed out.  Too many treats can also lead to miserable constipation so volunteer to bring the salad to your holiday party in order to be sure there will be something there to fuel your body with healthy nutrients and fiber!
  6. Nap.  It’s as simple as that.  Take naps when you need them.  Allow your body to completely rest and recuperate from extra activity.  Resting also restores your mental energy and focus.
  7. Take time to ENJOY the moment. Make lots of great memories to share with your child when he/she is older. Take pictures with family and friends that are near and dear to you. Don’t obsess about the shape of your face or your pregnant body.  You are BEAUTIFUL.

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Being pregnant around the holidays can be really special and fun when you practice a little planning and a lot of self-care.  Prioritizing your mental and physical health will make the season truly joyful rather than stressful. 


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Marcia, Nicole, and Tiffany