NBBC Midwives Tips for Summer Pregnancy

midwives guide to summer pregnancy

If growing a small human hasn’t ramped up your body temperature enough, this southern heat wave will.  Temperatures have been unusually hot for us this time of year.  Add in some southern humidity and our forecast becomes “downright miserable.”  What does an expecting mama do?  Here are a few tips for surviving the summer heat.

  1. HYDRATE!  We can’t stress this enough.  Drink fluids throughout the day.   If you are sweating you will need a little more. If you need permission to purchase that great water bottle you’ve been wanting, let this be the green light.  Sometimes a pretty water bottle helps us drink more.  You may even need something with some electrolytes.   Be careful though, drinks with caffeine can actually dehydrate you.  And drinks with too much sugar can leave you feeling sluggish and aren’t good for your health especially if you are at risk for or have gestational diabetes.  Have you tried infused water?  Adding some fruit to your water can give it a refreshing kick and make you want more!  Also try adding mint, basil or cucumbers for a refreshing twist!
  2. Stay indoors during the hottest part of the day. Try to run errands in the morning or evening before or after the worst of the heat.  If you have to go out, step into an air-conditioned environment as much as possible.  Using the hottest times of the day to stay on the couch with a glass of watermelon infused water and your feet propped up catching up on Netflix shows is an acceptable summer pregnancy goal.
  3. Wear breathable clothing. Listen, those tent dresses from the 70s and 80s get a lot of laughs, but they were hot weather friendly!  And the good news is, they are coming back in style.  The name of the game is easy and breezy.  Avoid clothing that is constricting.  Stick with cotton and linen blends and light layers. beat theheat!
  4. Float your way through summer days. If you have access to a pool, swimming can be an excellent way to not only beat the heat, but to increase your overall comfort.  Use the water to help you feel both cooler and lighter.  Being in the water can also help relieve swelling in the extremities and the general aches and pains of pregnancy.  Hold on to the side of the pool and do a few leg lifts or kicks to get a little bit of exercise as an added bonus.  There are also a lot of nice blow up pool options that you can use in the backyard.  Be sure to observe water safety if you have other little ones and wear sunscreen! Sunburn will turn up the heat for sure!
  5. Opt for the shade.  If you have to be outdoors and you aren’t in the pool, take your water bottle and find a spot in the shade where the temperature will be cooler.
  6. Eat well for optimum health. Summer is a great time for fresh veggies and fruits!  Leafy greens are full of nutrition and fiber.  Fruits are great by themselves or blended with some yogurt or your favorite milk to make a smoothie or some homemade popsicles.  Freeze berries to use as ice cubes in your water.  The better you eat, the better you will feel overall.
  7. Ice packs for the win.  Carry a small cooler with frozen ice packs in your car.  If you get too hot, put them on your head and neck to cool down quickly.
  8. Give yourself permission to slow down.  The heat can be draining and exhausting so listen to your body.  Grab a nap.  Take time to prop up your feet or soak them in some cool water.  Have your partner make(or order) dinner.  Take this time to engage in a little bit of self-care.

The summer months are intense but with some careful planning and preparation, you can beat the heat.  Listen to your body and take care of yourself!  Enjoy the summer sunshine!